12 oz HONEY Bear - front

Susan Marie's Bees HONEY Bear

 ~ LOCAL to the Upstate Region of South Carolina

  ~ RAW meaning we never heat or process beyond a basic straining

     as the honey flows out of the extractor



AVAILABLE in the following Varieties:


        - very sweet with light to medium color

        - collected from our bees near  Lake Keowee


        - mildly sweet with medium to dark reddish color

        - collected from our bees throughout the Upstate Region

        - consists primarily of blackberry, tulip poplar, and wildflowers.

  • Storage Instructions:

    Our PREMIUM HONEY should be stored at room temperature. 

    Exposure to cold temperatures may cause the honey to prematurely granulate.  Leaving the  honey in a warm room will help to prevent granulation.


    Honey that has granulated is NOT spoiled.


    Granulation is a normal process where unstable sugar glucose naturally froms honey crystals.  Various bee nectar sources have varying levels of glucose which explains why some varieties of honey granulate more quickly than others.  


    To Re-liquify Granulated HONEY:

    Place jar in pot of hot, but NOT boiling water. Stir until liquid.

    Ideally, honey should not be heated over 110 degrees. 

    Higher temperatures destroy the beneficial properties of honey. 


    NEVER microwave honey.  The intense heat destroys the beneficial properties of the honey.


    Due to the risk of botulism: 

    Never feed HONEY to children under 1 year of age.